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Next Generation Web Games

Arcade Protocol is developing the next generation of web games, our mission is to bring P2E and NFT gaming to the masses giving everyone the opportunity to earn from gaming through the power of cryptocurrency, blockchain and Defi.

Our Platform is blockchain agnostic so you’re not confined to just one blockchain network. Our users can transact in numerous cryptocurrencies other than our native XPE. However, XPE will be needed for platform fees and to earn staking rewards.



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Galactic Threat - Arcade Protocol Crypto Game

Galactic Threat

Battle your way through space in a fun arcade style space shooter.

Genre Arcade Shooter

Developer Arcade Protocol

Status Beta

Mech Carnage - Arcade Protocol Crypto Game

Mech Carnage

How long can you survive the waves of destruction bots.

Genre Arcade Shooter

Developer Arcade Protocol

Status Beta

Space Adventure Pinball

We’re taking it old school with this take on the classic Pin ball arcade game. Earn XPE while having hours of fun.

Genre Arcade Shooter

Developer Arcade Protocol

Status Beta

Compete in Arcade Tournaments

Demonstrate your skill in our weekly tournaments for your chance to win crypto tokens and exclusive NFTs by setting the top scores on our leaderboards. 

Crypto Prizes

Set the highest score to win the crypto cash prize in XPE, BNB, BUSD and more. Available to XPE holders.

NFT Prizes

Compete to win rare NFT's to add to your collection. Available to XPE holders.

Prize Pool Tournaments

Pay a small fee to compete for the crypto prize pool which gets bigger as more players participate.


Increase your chance of victory by equipping your avatar with powerups or stand out from the rest with unique skins. NFT’s can be bought from the Arcade store, earned in game or won in a tournament. Trade your NFT’s or rent, the power is yours.

Skins & Avatars
AR emblem

$XPE Token

$XPE token is native currency used on the Arcade Protocol platform. The token is designed to accelerate the growth of Arcade Protocol by incentivising adoption and rewarding users and developers who contribute to the ecosystem. 


Play-&-Earn – Play and earn rewards. For each token rewarded an equal amount is burned.

Transactions – Platform transactions paid for in $XPE will incur lower fees.

Stake – Stake $XPE to earn rewards and unlock special game features.

Governance – Stake to vote on and create proposals.







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