Arcade Protocol – Play Win Earn


Arcade Protocol is a play to earn gaming publisher and platform with a focus on casual to mid-core games. Our mission is to bring e-sports to the masses by give everyone a fair chance at earning from playing games on our platform. Gamers can earn through tournament prize pools as well as our NFT marketplace where gamers can buy, sell and lend NFT items and characters they have acquired and developed.

Product Viability

Arcade Protocol is taking a gaming first, earning second approach to our games. By creating fun engaging games and infusing them with the power of blockchain we will be able to attract millions of gamers who are already playing similar games on other platforms without the potential of any financial benefit.  

Revenue Streams

Revenue is generated from tournament fees and through selling and earning commissions from NFTs. Our platform will eventually allow payment through a number different crypto currencies reducing our need to sell Arcade tokens to extract revenue.   


  • Play To Win Airdrop
  • Seed Round
  • Beta Platform Launch
Q4 2021
  • Private Rounds
  • IDO
  • Leaderboard Tournament
  • NFT Gaming 
  • NFT Marketplace
Q1 2022
  • Multiplayer Gaming
  • Mobile Applications
Q2 2022

Developer SDK & API Release

Q3 2022



ARCADE is the native token for Arcade Protocol. 

  • Total supply 2,000,000,000
  • Stake to unlock special game features
  • Pay tournament entry fees and transact in the NFT marketplace
  • submit and vote on platform proposals 
  • Payout for tournaments and rewards

Release Schedule

Token Sale